Almost since there have been doors, there has been lock and key mechanisms to secure them. Locks and keys, and the technology behind them, actually has a history going back several thousand years to the very first established civilizations. The first examples of keys and locks served more as an indication of a break-in, rather than as a mechanism to prevent them. The first locks that were intended as a safety measure, originated from ancient Egypt, where the technique of falling pins and moving bolts was engineered and implemented. These crude, and fairly by-passable, early examples remained unchanged for the most part over the next 1500 years. The industrial revolution of the 19th century, which brought about metallurgy innovations and better tools, helped to change the primitive design of locks and the keys that opened them.

Today’s use of electronic and even digital “locks and keys” has changed security systems all over the world, once again. Where locksmiths were once the creators of locks and locking mechanisms, designing new and increasingly difficult locks to break into. today’s locksmiths are more repairmen of sorts, allowing access where and when needed.

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