Introduced in 1995, transponder keys use a microchip as an extra layer of security. Programmed with a unique serial number, the chip sends a signal to the engine when attempting to start the car. If it’s the right signal, the engine will return a signal back to the key and then it will start. It does something similar while trying to unlock the car, but the car won’t unlock or start unless it recognizes the signal from the key.

Licensed and bonded with a passion for all the latest new technology, we provide a quality service with a fast response that you can trust. Professional, efficient and excited to help, along with thorough knowledge of the transponder system, we are equipped to handle almost any kind of car with these exceptional services:

  • Transponder chip
  • High security keys
  • Transponder key programmer
  • Duplicate keys or make from code
  • Factory remotes
  • Keyless entry
  • Key FOBS
  • Re-keying ignition replacement
  • And more!

We have the technology to make transponder keys for just about any make, model or system. Contact us today for the reliable, professional and fast locksmith you can trust and get a free quote!