If they added up the number of workday minutes lost to the amount of time people spend searching for their keys, it might read something like “American businesses lose more than 4 million man hours a year to complications of LKS – Lost Key Syndrome.” But alas, such statistics aren’t available. However, it isn’t hard to figure out that losing your car or house keys is more than just frustrating – it can be expensive. Which is why you must be careful when choosing a local locksmith. It is a common practice in the industry for one distant company to contract out locksmith services under the guise of being local. These contractors often show up without the proper skills and equipment; frequently charge more than the agreed upon price and leave no contact information should you need to contact them in the future regarding the quality of their work. Basically, you are left with no recourse should something go wrong.

The actual cost, in dollars, of simply replacing a car key can vary widely depending on the type. According to a recent article by edmunds.com, a basic car key, common before the widespread mid-90’s switch to transponder keys, can cost as little as $3.00 through a local locksmith, where an auto dealership charges closer to $12 for replacing your mechanical key.

The average price starts to rise from there. Key fobs, being more complicated and having to be programmed obviously will cost you more out of pocket. Only certain locksmiths can perform the programming of the key fob so their costs are harder to pin down on the average. Edmunds.com reports that dealerships however, charge anywhere between $50 – $90 depending on the auto make.

Even fewer locksmiths specialize in the ability to replace transponder keys. Wonderful as theft deterrents, transponder keys send a signal to the engine’s computer allowing it to start when, and only when, the correct signal is received. The placement and whereabouts of your transponder key should always be a priority however, as replacing them can be a tad on the  expensive side. Dealerships were noted as charging about $160 for a basic transponder key alone and another $75 for the fob. Locksmiths were seen to provide about $30 in savings over the average dealership.

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