local locksmith greenville Back in the early 90’s a certain car model was notoriously easy to get into and actually drive away. For unknown reasons, the manufacturer created an ignition system that would work between vehicles. Meaning, one key could actually operate more than one vehicle. That obvious safety and security blunder is just one example of why traditional mechanical keys have slowly gone the way of the dinosaur and have been replaced by the more reliable technology of the transponder key.

Transponder keys are all-around more safer than any mechanical key. Transponder keys work by sending an electronic code to the vehicle’s automated systems. Only when the vehicle receives the correct signal from the transponder will the car supply fuel to the engine and allow it to start. Even vehicles that thieves attempt to “hotwire” cannot start without the code from the transponder key. A criminal would have to replace an auto’s electronic control unit (ECU) in order to override the transponder key signal; making theft a difficult, if not completely impossible, chore. The average car thief has neither the time, nor the knowledge or equipment, that a successful theft of a car with a transponder key system would require.

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