Driver safety isn’t relegated to just those actions that we perform behind the wheel. Sometimes, the things we do while the key is turned in the off position help determine our level of personal safety. By always being conscientious of ourselves and our surroundings we increase our level of safety and help to diminish threats. Experts in both law enforcement and public health issues offer the following advice for staying safe in and around your vehicle:

  • If locked out of your car, anytime during the day, take refuge in a friend’s car or home or nearby business if possible. Don’t attract attention to your plight while waiting outside your car for the local locksmith to arrive.
  • Try to always remove your keys from the car when exiting. As an Easley Locksmith, we understand that as humans we do make the mistake of leaving our keys behind, but never choose to do so; even if just leaving your vehicle for a short amount of time. And always remember to lock your car doors each and every time.
  • Never leave personal property in view of others. Thieves give little thought to an item’s value before they attempt a “smash-and-grab”. Give them no tempting reasons to target your vehicle.
  • Do not keep vehicle documents in your car. Though you are required to have these on hand should you be pulled over, registration and insurance documents should never be kept in the vehicle itself. Because they often include personal information, like your home address, a thieve could gain access to much more than just your car.
  • Never leave expensive gadgets in your vehicle and keep checkbooks and credit cards on your person. Personal items such as mail and garage door openers prove to be attractive to thieves as they not only let them know where you live but give them an easy way to gain access to your home and belongings.
  • While driving, place purses, briefcases and laptop cases on the floor next to you or behind you – never on the passenger seat. When these belongings are in view of by-passers, they become bait to would-be thieves.