With a dedicated team of locksmiths on the Clemson University campus, Greenville Locksmith Services has been committed to the safety and security of the area students for many many years. As the choice locksmiths for the campus we’ve been made privy to the actions and lifestyles of the student population. What we see on a routine basis is often eye-opening; sometimes downright jaw-dropping. College students seem notoriously┬ánonchalant in regards to their own personal safety and to the security of their belongings. Though their optimistic view of their peers and their trustworthiness is commendable, it can also show their naivete in regards to just how easy it is to be taken advantage of. By remaining vigilant, both on and off campus or in your dorm room, you can keep both you and your belongings safe. Follow these dorm room safety tips to remain as safe as possible:

  • Always lock the door to your dorm room; whether you’re leaving for just a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. An unlocked door is like catnip to intruders as they can get in and out quickly and without being detected.
  • If you lose your keys, call the campus locksmith to replace your locks immediately. Make sure that any roommates do the same should they become locked out.
  • Never lend your room key to anyone.
  • Leave a copy of your class and work schedule with your family or a close friend so that someone is sure to know when and where you should be somewhere.
  • Always secure and lock your dorm room windows. Even if you are located on an upper floor.
  • Inexpensive window and door alarms can be installed quickly to alert you to the presence of unwanted visitors.
  • Invest in a small personal safe for any and all valuables. Safes that are disguised as everyday objects secure your personal items such as cash or jewelry without alerting those in your room to the presence of a safe.