Watch any bad cop show and you’re likely to see some rogue cop kicking in a door to gain access to a home or building where the bad guy is invariably hiding. Of course, we’re both waiting for these bits of drama and impressed when our hero pulls it off. But delivering one hard kick to most door locks will hardly render it useless, allowing easy access to the owner of the well-placed foot. A good, solid, durable dead bolt and lock will usually keep most intruders out. Which is why, as local locksmiths, we recommend investing in a door lock system that has been proven to withstand abuse. A locked door is your home’s first line of defense. Obviously, an intruder wants to attract as little attention as possible. It’s not likely that, upon discovering that your door is locked, that they’ll attempt to kick it in; but should this happen, you want a dead bolt that resists the violence.

As commercial locksmiths in Easley, we can make recommendations regarding deadbolts and locks for your home or business. Most of the locks installed by builders have been proven to be somewhat ineffective against a determined thief or intruder. Let us replace your basic lock and key system with those that you can actually depend upon to keep your home secure and your family safe.  For a home security assessment and recommendations call us at 864-641-3425 for prompt and professional service.