In our last blog, we wrote about the horror parents feel when accidentally locking their child in their car. Should this happen during the hotter months of the year, the situation passes that of just an inconvenience to that of an emergency. Parents that have had the unfortunate experience of locking their small child in their car, can often point at the mistake they made that led to the incident. You can bet, they haven’t made that mistake again. Locking your helpless child in a hot car can be a traumatic event, laden with guilt. So what mistakes did those parents make that you can avoid repeating? Make sure to remember the following and avoid having to call a local locksmith or 911:

  • Do not let your child play with your keys. Yes, they love them. Yes, they make delightful distractions for a bored, tired or upset child. But very frequently, one pushed button will lock those doors without you knowing while you’re distracted loading groceries into your trunk.
  • Keep your phone or purse with you. Locking everything inside your car, along with your baby, leaves you far more vulnerable to having to enlist the help of strangers. Get help from 911 or an emergency locksmith quicker by having your phone with you at all times.
  • Keep your keys on you. Do not make the same mistake made by many distracted parents by throwing your keys on the seat of your vehicle. Though they are not in the hands of your little one, the lock button could be pressed during the act or when they hit the surface of the seat. Put them in your pocket or somewhere on your body.
  • Don’t close the door. If you’ve secured your child within his carseat, leaving the door open while you load packages, groceries, the stroller or other items into the car is actually safer than closing it. Do not close that door until you’ve located your keys and are confident that there is no chance of accidentally locking your child in without you.