Finding a reputable locksmith when you’re in a bind or a desperate situation can be fraught with risk. our first inclination is to call upon the first available local locksmith without thinking of safety or protection; after all, if you’ve locked yourself out of your car in a dark parking lot – you may be feeling that you’re already in a precarious situation. Which is all the more reason to take a few more minutes to protect yourself. For emergency locksmith needs a couple more phone calls may be all you need to avoid being taken advantage of.

The industry’s dirty little secret is that what is advertised as a “local locksmith” may not be so – by a long shot. Though it is getting more difficult to claim to be a locksmith in Raleigh through internet search results (compared to simply buying ads in the phone book), the practice of running a single locksmith business under a variety of different names is still utilized by various locksmith service companies. The problem with the practice is that the one provider uses contracted individuals to actually perform the work. Individuals that are not attached to any business name, often do not have the necessary credentials and may charge much more than the quoted price that you were given over the phone.

So how does one protect themselves from being taken advantage of by a sub-contractor locksmith? Obviously thorough research is difficult to do when you are stranded outside of your house or vehicle so get trustworthy information beforehand. Have a list of recommended referrals at the ready should you lose your keys. Ask friends, relatives and others that work with locksmiths often, like building contractors and security companies. Your insurance agent should also be a good resource for finding trusted locksmiths in your area. By doing your homework while safely at home, you can avoid feeling left out in the cold by a so-called local locksmith.