We see it all the time on the news, the generic warnings about what can happen when you leave your child in the car – even for the briefest of time – on a hot summer day. The effects can be downright frightening and even fatal. But what should you do when your inadvertently lock your child in the car and they are too young to unlock it themselves? Time and time again, distracted parents make the mistake of handing their keys to their toddler to play with or by throwing them into the front seat while packing the car with packages or the kid themselves. Even the most attentive parent has made this mistake. Where most will ask for aide from a nearby stranger, or call 911, another option would be to call a locksmith. With our 15 minute response time for emergency locksmith service needs, we can quickly gain access to your vehicle in time to safely retrieve your child. Make sure to remember the following tips should you lock your child in your vehicle:

  • Stay calm. Your child will take cues from you as  to whether there is a problem or not. Do not let your child believe that there is a reason to get upset. A screaming or crying child is a hot child. Keep them calm by keeping yourself calm.
  • Call a locksmith and 911. Whoever gets there first – you’re the winner. Emergency responders will understand why you called if they should get there and you already have gotten the car open through other means, so don’t worry about being embarrassed or wasting their time. They have seen far too many instances where people have waited too long.
  • Cover the windows with blankets, tarps or other coverings. The sun’s heat and light can increase the temperature inside a vehicle very quickly. Blocking those rays from entering through the windows and even the roof gives you time before the temps reach dangerous levels.
  • Watch the child or children for signs of distress. Fatigue, extreme sweating, vomiting and inability to communicate are signs of heat illness. Should your child begin to exhibit these signs, break a window to gain immediate access. Choose the window furthest away from your child in order to protect them from the shattering glass.