1. Locksmith Simpsonville SC: 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service!

    Our Locksmith in Simpsonville SC, made a car key for a 2014 ford mustang today. Simpsonville Locksmith has over 20 year of automotive, residential, and commercial locksmith experience. We stay up to date with state of the art transponder technology to keep the dealerships on their toes. Our automotive locksmith services usually cost only half of what the dealership will charge you. For all your lo…Read More

  2. Greer Locksmith: 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Service Greer SC

    Greer 24 hour locksmith unlocked a 2004 dodge ram on wade Hampton blvd today. Our customer was very pleased by our fast response time as well as our price! Our Greer locksmith staff are very skilled in all areas including residential, commercial as well as automotive locksmith service. Call Greer locksmith today for a free quote!…Read More

  3. How a Key Works

    If you've ever wondered how keys work, here's a little break down. Basically, all keys are "coded" for length and depth. A typical key consists of two parts: the blade and the bow. The blade is the part of the key that slides into the lock, while the bow is that part of the key that protrudes from the blade that you grasp in your hand when using the key. The code of the key, or the cut of the blad…Read More

  4. Greenville locksmith now providing emergency 24 hour service to Clemson, Easley, Simpsonville, as well as Spartanburg!

    Greenville locksmith is proud to introduce Laser key products 3D Xtreme pro laser key cutting machine to our line up! With over five machines in our vans servicing areas of Greenville, Spartanburg, Clemson, Easley, and Simpsonville. Here at Greenville locksmith we pride our selves in providing 24 hour emergency service to all of our customers while having the newest cutting edge technology. Home o…Read More

  5. The Key to Hiring a Good Locksmith

    Nothing matters more than trust. Trust has got to be the number one factor when hiring a locksmith for your home, car or business. To allow full and complete access to the entryways to your most valuable possessions, you've given up some sense of comfort and in essence, leave you and your loved ones somewhat vulnerable. Hiring the right locksmith that not only can do the job efficiently, but under…Read More