1. How a Key Works

    If you've ever wondered how keys work, here's a little break down. Basically, all keys are "coded" for length and depth. A typical key consists of two parts: the blade and the bow. The blade is the part of the key that slides into the lock, while the bow is that part of the key that protrudes from the blade that you grasp in your hand when using the key. The code of the key, or the cut of the blad…Read More

  2. Is Your Dead Bolt a Deal Breaker

    Watch any bad cop show and you're likely to see some rogue cop kicking in a door to gain access to a home or building where the bad guy is invariably hiding. Of course, we're both waiting for these bits of drama and impressed when our hero pulls it off. But delivering one hard kick to most door locks will hardly render it useless, allowing easy access to the owner of the well-placed foot. A good, …Read More

  3. How to Avoid Locking your Keys & Your Child in Your Car

    In our last blog, we wrote about the horror parents feel when accidentally locking their child in their car. Should this happen during the hotter months of the year, the situation passes that of just an inconvenience to that of an emergency. Parents that have had the unfortunate experience of locking their small child in their car, can often point at the mistake they made that led to the incident.…Read More

  4. Child Locked in the Car Alone? What to Do

    We see it all the time on the news, the generic warnings about what can happen when you leave your child in the car - even for the briefest of time - on a hot summer day. The effects can be downright frightening and even fatal. But what should you do when your inadvertently lock your child in the car and they are too young to unlock it themselves? Time and time again, distracted parents make the m…Read More

  5. Local Locksmith’s Tips for Driver Safety

    Driver safety isn't relegated to just those actions that we perform behind the wheel. Sometimes, the things we do while the key is turned in the off position help determine our level of personal safety. By always being conscientious of ourselves and our surroundings we increase our level of safety and help to diminish threats. Experts in both law enforcement and public health issues offer the fol…Read More

  6. Unlocking the History of Locks and Keys

    Almost since there have been doors, there has been lock and key mechanisms to secure them. Locks and keys, and the technology behind them, actually has a history going back several thousand years to the very first established civilizations. The first examples of keys and locks served more as an indication of a break-in, rather than as a mechanism to prevent them. The first locks that were intended…Read More

  7. Locked Out? Lost Keys? Advice From Your Local Greenville Locksmith

    With over two decades of locksmith service to the Greenville community, Greenville Lock offers you a family owned and locally operated business that's dedicated to honesty, integrity, and superb customer service. We've built our business on this foundation and it permeates in everything that we do for our customers. From the moment you place a call to us until we leave your residence or office, yo…Read More

  8. The Key to Hiring a Good Locksmith

    Nothing matters more than trust. Trust has got to be the number one factor when hiring a locksmith for your home, car or business. To allow full and complete access to the entryways to your most valuable possessions, you've given up some sense of comfort and in essence, leave you and your loved ones somewhat vulnerable. Hiring the right locksmith that not only can do the job efficiently, but under…Read More

  9. When You Should Call Your Greenville Locksmith

    Here at Greenville Lock, we've been servicing the Greenville County area for over 20 years. We're proud of the exceptional services we offer to our community. As a family owned and locally operated business that's dedicated to honesty, integrity, and customer service, you can rest easy knowing that when you call us we will be fast, efficient, and friendly. It's pretty obvious that most people call…Read More

  10. Your Greenville Locksmith: The Safest Places To Hide Your Spare Key

    Oftentimes people will keep their spare key under their doormat, on top of their front door frame, or in a flower pot. This is extremely unsafe as most criminals check these areas for keys first! Here at Greenville Lock Locksmith Services, your local Greenville locksmith, we've got some better ideas. It's still smart to keep a spare key around in the event that you're locked out of your house, but…Read More